Welcome to Vidya Kendra School. Our school is situated in the heart of Calicut City. The school is a much sought after place for learning by parents who desire the best for their children in discipline, language, and learning. Our faculty constantly models learning and innovation, always striving to develop and refine best practices in teaching and to set individual goals to improve their own learning.

At Vidya Kendra we provide learning and behaviour support for children with difficulties in learning. It has a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere which is very important when a child first starts school. This allows each child to become familiar with their teacher and the new surroundings before term begins. Our school has a rich history of success and we are honored to carry on the many years of tradition and excellence in education. We are pleased to invite you to visit our website.

Vidya Kendra school follows Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. Vidya Kendra provides a challenging, comprehensive and relevant curriculum for each student in preparation for the intellectual and moral challenges. Well-designed curriculum and sound instruction are the hallmarks of effective education. With no emphasis on examinations that check memory and rote learning, Vidya Kendra follows the Continuous and comprehensive Evaluation practices recommended by the CBSE. There are no unit or evaluate your children (at the end of every chapter or lesson taught) through the academic term, Learning by heart or rote is discouraged; instead, children are helped to learn by understanding and applying what they have learnt.

The School's richly varied curriculum draws students beyond a mastery of fundamental skills toward the rewards of inquiry, initiative and reflection. Believing that aesthetic and physical developments are essential to an education, we offer students opportunities to excel in art and music classes, on stage, and on the athletic fields.